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Let’s make the world a kinder and more compassionate place by breaking generational cycles of trauma through education and empowerment.

First Five Steps to Trauma Healing


Simple steps to help you understand the impact of trauma and get unstuck as you start your journey. 

This 20 page guide features printable worksheets to help you make a plan of action and covers the basics of self-soothing, finding a therapist, building a support system, and understanding yourself.


I help trauma survivors build better relationships with their mind, body, and loved ones by teaching science-backed strategies through workshops, interactive guides, and live teaching.

I’m a licensed therapist and mental health educator who is passionate about making the world a more compassionate and connected place by breaking cycles of generational trauma. Guided by curiosity, centering compassion.

Hey, I'm Summer

Summer Forlenza

Let's  get to know each other

If You Could Adopt a Pet Right Now, Which One Would You choose?

Ronin approves! 🐶

 I happen to be very allergic to cats but I love this for you. 😊

Great choice!

I wanted a snake so bad when I was a kid!


Someday I’ll have the yard to support my own flock 😍

Great choice. 

I know you know that completing the stress cycle through movement is an awesome way to show up for yourself. 😊

Love this!

Filling your space with glimmers (reminders of positive resources and memories) is so helpful!

A favorite!

Research shows that spending time outside is great for our mental health - this is one of my favorites too. 😊

I love that!

Yessssss to reminding yourself of what you already believe to be true!

A personal favorite of mine!!

Um okay YES. Love this.


Spending time with calm, grounded people who love us is powerful. Don’t forget to tell them you love them! 😊

Love it!

Creative expression is such a powerful part of recovery for so many people - good for you! 😊

Nice meeting you!

Ready to learn?

As a teacher-turned-therapist specializing in trauma recovery, I focus on teaching trauma survivors and the people who support them the practical skills they need to manage trauma and anxiety from home.

I have learned so much from your workbook and your Instagram page, and I feel like it is really helping me on my healing journey and helping me be able to better share my experiences and struggles with my therapist. I was feeling pretty confused and lost prior to find your Instagram page, and now I feel much more empowered and also want to be kinder to myself because I know more about my body and my mind.       

"I feel much more empowered"

"Summer's knowledge, approach, and teaching skills are beyond impressive, accessible and approachable!"

"Thank you for the time and service you provided in such a healing and compassionate way. Your energy and compassion are palpable and radiated throughout your work."

There isnt enough room to go into detail how grateful I feel to have access at least in some capacity to her since I’m in MN. It’s really hard finding people who are qualified to help with my extreme case of traumas and without the pity/“poor you” delivery method many therapists’ approach tends to be. Therapy hasn’t gone well for me in the past and either cost and/time is just another obstacle. Summer’s knowledge, approach, and teaching skills are beyond impressive, accessible and approachable!

"Summer is amazing. "

"Getting really specific and accurate information instead of generalized stuff, which I have seen other mental health professionals do online."

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