Somatics Simplified:

The Workbook

I help trauma survivors build better relationships with their mind, body, and loved ones by teaching science-backed strategies through workshops, interactive guides, and live teaching.

I’m a licensed therapist and mental health educator who is passionate about making the world a more compassionate and connected place by breaking cycles of generational trauma. Guided by curiosity, centering compassion.

Hey, I'm Summer

Summer Forlenza

Ready to Manage Big Emotions & Triggers from Home?

This interactive workbook covers everything you need to know to start applying skills today.

Have you ever...

Felt anxious and unsure where to start?

Wondered what's happening in your body and brain?

Craved craving practical and actionable tools to manage overwhelm, anxiety, and trauma from home?

 - welcome

To my traumatized survivors, to my anxious perfectionists, and to those who love and support people working on their mental health

This is for you if you are... 

A trauma survivor who wants to feel better

A caregiver or support system for someone with trauma who wants to help

Someone experiencing burnout and stress who wants to reduce overwhelm

Anyone who wants to better understand their body and brain and how to work with them to heal

I've assembled everything I've learned in graduate school and my five years in clinical practice to support your mental well-being from home.

It's part of my mission to help the world access to top-notch information that helps you make actual changes to your day-to-day life. I've poured myself into this project and I truly hope you love it.

What To Expect

The Science Behind the Skills

Putting It All Into Practice

30+ Specific Somatic Techniques

Understand how and why these techniques works, including how they impact your brain and body.

This course-in-a-workbook includes integrated videos guiding you through the techniques and links to helpful resources

Printable worksheets designed by a teacher-turned-therapist specifically designed to help you put what you learn into practice

What You Get

Somatics Simplified: The Workbook Includes:

71 page interactive workbook

10 chapters covering 30+ skills

10 instructional videos

How to Find a Therapist Guide

Reading List for Survivors

Why a Workbook?

Over 75% of people who purchase an online course never finish the material.

I wrote this because I truly believe in this material and I want you to have access to what I learned in graduate school. I chose an interactive workbook because I want you to be able to come back to this as often as you’d like and quickly get the information you need. 

What We Cover

The Science Behind Regulation 

Breathwork Techniques

Incorporating Pressure and Touch into Regulation 

Using Temperature to Regulate the Nervous System

Integrating Music and Sound into Recovery 

Grounding Statements (and why they are more trauma-informed than affirmations!)

Bilateral Stimulation

Specific Movement Techniques to Help Regulate Emotions (with how-to videos!)

How to Integrate What You’ve Learned Into a Daily and Weekly Practice 

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