Five Books for Trauma Survivors

I get asked for book recommendations ALL the time – consider this the first in a series of recommendations!

These are all books that I would recommend to trauma survivors who want to better understand their experiences and learn more about what the path to healing looks like.

Note: I am using Amazon affiliate links in this post as a way of supporting my work – please feel free to search for the titles if you aren’t comfortable with that! No hard feelings. 🙂


This is a classic in the trauma healing space for a reason. Herman beautifully weaves in the stories of survivors while providing a clear guide on the steps to heal from trauma.



Dann’s workbook is easy to digest and full of practical skills with the reasoning behind them. This would be a great pick for folks who want a workable text that will guide them through specific practices.



Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapy is one of the most trauma-informed approaches to counseling that I have encountered and you can absolutely apply the principles and perspectives on your own. I incorporate techniques from IFS with almost all of my clients and reading Schwartz changed the way I understand myself and others.



This book is intense, dense, and thorough. If you’re scientifically-minded or deeply curious about the scientific evidence behind trauma and its impact, this book is the right choice for you.



This book is a solid introduction to EMDR therapy (which I use regularly with clients) and can help you to better understand the connection between your past experiences and your present behavior.



What books would you recommend to survivors?

  1. Debbie Cline says:

    Invincible by Brian F. Martin

    Helpful with childhood Domestic Violence.

  2. Rebecca Anstee says:

    Complex PTSD: from Surviving to Thriving
    by Pete Walker

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