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If you’ve been failed by therapy, you might recognize the feeling – nerves leading up to the first appointment, feeling unsure if this is going to work for you, and slowly losing interest in your sessions until you finally cancel and ghost this therapist. You might repeat the cycle a few times until ultimately giving up on therapy.

I know for a fact that this therapy can be transformational, empowering, moving, and deep.

I also know that it doesn’t always go that way.

November 30, 2022


Here’s one way I work with clients (individually or as a couple) when we’re trying to resolve conflict in a healthy way, without escalating to the point of saying or doing things that hurt one another.

November 16, 2022


How can we honor our history while staying grounded in the present?

October 30, 2022


Five books that I would recommend to trauma survivors who want to better understand their experiences and learn more about what the path to healing looks like.

October 21, 2022


How do we be with big feelings? Plus a cover that I’ve been listening to on repeat and a little more of my own story.

October 16, 2022


Just because a mental health professional or a doctor diagnosed you with depression, doesn’t mean that your brain doesn’t make enough neurotransmitters.

October 12, 2022


The big myth about trauma healing, a somatic healing workbook I recommend, plus my favorite sad girl song.

October 9, 2022


What does EMDR stand for, what happens in a session, and why is my client calling it “witch magic?”

October 5, 2022


The irony of my least favorite season, a pop song about trauma healing that I love, and my thoughts on Big T and little t traumas.

October 2, 2022


How do I use a superbill to pay for therapy? How can I use my out-of-network benefits? A licensed therapist makes it easy to understand how to use out-of-network insurance to help pay for therapy or to make therapy more affordable for you.

November 10, 2021

I help trauma survivors build better relationships with their mind, body, and loved ones by teaching science-backed strategies through workshops, interactive guides, and live teaching.

I’m a licensed therapist and mental health educator who is passionate about making the world a more compassionate and connected place by breaking cycles of generational trauma. Guided by curiosity, centering compassion.

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Summer Forlenza

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As a teacher-turned-therapist specializing in trauma recovery, I focus on teaching trauma survivors and the people who support them the practical skills they need to manage trauma and anxiety from home.

I have learned so much from your workbook and your Instagram page, and I feel like it is really helping me on my healing journey and helping me be able to better share my experiences and struggles with my therapist. I was feeling pretty confused and lost prior to find your Instagram page, and now I feel much more empowered and also want to be kinder to myself because I know more about my body and my mind.       

"I feel much more empowered"

"Summer's knowledge, approach, and teaching skills are beyond impressive, accessible and approachable!"

"Thank you for the time and service you provided in such a healing and compassionate way. Your energy and compassion are palpable and radiated throughout your work."

There isnt enough room to go into detail how grateful I feel to have access at least in some capacity to her since I’m in MN. It’s really hard finding people who are qualified to help with my extreme case of traumas and without the pity/“poor you” delivery method many therapists’ approach tends to be. Therapy hasn’t gone well for me in the past and either cost and/time is just another obstacle. Summer’s knowledge, approach, and teaching skills are beyond impressive, accessible and approachable!

"Summer is amazing. "

"Getting really specific and accurate information instead of generalized stuff, which I have seen other mental health professionals do online."

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